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Another Ideal Bites the Dust

When someone, as a result of the reality of their body, moves to using a chair in the Zendo to do Zazen, the mind's attachments and storification can be at its absolute best.

When I needed to do it as a result of injury, the negativity mind, that's a side effect of my authentic nature, was completely and totally humiliated. It was awesome! It literally disassembled and crumbled right before my awareness because it was so attached to the image of the Buddha sitting in full lotus.

How I got through the negativity mind... judge, jury, and executioner mind's complaining at the time was by using the silent mantra 'Another ideal bites the dust.' I never realized how useful Freddie Mercury and Queen could be during Zazen!

That experience taught me so much about the mind's frivolous attachment to certain ideas and living in my and other people's approval systems, and the level of suffering a single idea can bring. Imagine the endless dimension layers the negativity mind can create. Not exactly a recipe for a 'Happy Meal!' Not being an active participant in the negativity mind's beat downs is a very practical aspect of meditation.

一Dignity and Grace

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