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Addiction and the Point of Recovery

Self-obsession... thoughts and thinking wrapped around the axis of self... never gives space... it only takes more and more space within our consciousness and heart... and in that way... like a virus... spreads and replicates itself and takes our life as it's own... oftentimes to the extent we falsely assume its thoughts are our thoughts, turning us into its meat, puppet, and we're just following its orders.

As my sponsor told me, I share forward with the people that I get sponsor... if we're not Actively working the Steps... there's a pretty good chance that the disease is working us, because it never stops, because it's nature is very similar to cancer... diabetes... or other chronic illnesses... it can be arrested but not cured. Death and suffering is it's very nature.

The point of recovery... healing... is to disrupt the mental mind cancer of self-obsession... and restoring ourselves to sanity... our soundness of heart and True Mind... which is the heart and True Mind of Love. The Twelve Steps... and other methods that invite us into our healing are the frameworks and processes that allows us to accomplish that goal.

一Dignity and Grace

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