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Zeroness and Zen

Our natural trait before, during, and after emerging from the womb is Buddha nature. We are beyond measurement, calculation, and hesitation, manifesting what could appear as an individualized identity of Universal Loving Presence. Ocean and wave. Wave and Ocean. Seemingly two different things, but in reality, the energetic emergence of "One True Thing" expressing Itself in a vast jeweled array of possibilities.

I beg you not pass by this experience with minimal appreciation. We are gifted with a temporary localized identity and a temporary name. The idea or thought that we are "born" into "original sin" is a terrible lie - a poisonous idea stemming from a survival-oriented "reptile complex" that is a side effect of our minds, not our true selves. We're consistently smart and, at the same time, consistently unwise when not operating from our Buddha DNA. What a pity this complex is designed to aid us, yet often dominates our experience instead.

Please don't let the thinking mind bury our natural wisdom and clarity. Zazen, a one-pointed unification of four postures through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effort, aligns these energetic fields into absolute stillness - less than "One," absolute Zero... a harmonious "Zeroness" where thought cannot emerge because there is no-thing and nothing to cast as a shadow. Properly harmonized, Buddha nature cannot be displaced from Its endless dimensional Universal canvas of Loving Presence.

How is that possible? Zazen and discover! This is not a philosophy, opinion or advice, but a deeply simple experience. The invitation is to take your seat and allow Your natural Buddha-DNA to emerge and flow spontaneously through Goodwill-based action.

一Evolve Love with L/O/V/E

Calligraphy Note: The kanji ‘出現,’ pronounced ‘shutsugen,’ points toward the emerging... the appearing... as Universal Loving Presence 360° as a result of zen training and practice.

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