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Zen - Savoring of Unfiltered Reality

Zen training and practice encourages us to intentionally and deliberately shift our attention away from the mental activities that often dominate our consciousness: thinking, theorizing, conceptualizing, analyzing, debating, projecting, fantasizing, and daydreaming. Instead, we choose to wholeheartedly embrace the natural Reality, as it is served to us on the banquet of existence, without any mental interferences or distractions. There are no artificial additives here - no seasonings or preservatives. Just This!

Adopting this approach enables us to truly experience the raw essence of Now, tasting the Reality as the universe presents it to us in its most unprocessed, unrefined form. The challenge - and the invitation - is to savor the very fabric of Reality as it unfolds around us, right here, right now, without the customary clouding influence of mental constructs that can often filter and distort Reality.

Ultimately, we realize that we are not separate from this Reality and our continuous practice - we embody it. In Zen, we are the practice itself.

一We All Share the Same Sky

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