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Zen is Not Disassociation from Present Moment Experience

Zen meditation is not a practice of disassociation... whether we're on the seat, standing, working, or in repose. On the contrary, It is the Way of sustaining our attention, alertness, awareness, and meaningful involvement in the Present-time experience with the completeness of Presence, while we are alive.

Our vision is not blurred. Zazen acutely sharpens vision 360°. Please take the time to notice and appreciate the many Buddha's, Bodhisattva's, and those who master the Way... whether as statues, wood carvings, or calligraphy... Never are their eyes shut or closed. This alone could tell us everything we need to know.

Zen does not disassociate or cut us off from the world. It helps to awaken us to the reality we ARE the world as It's happening at the moment. For this reason, we could take responsibility for it, not allowing others to callously drown, when they are directly in front of our eyes, simultaneously sitting in pews on Sunday claiming to be followers of the Nazarene. To my understanding, He never chose to close his eyes either. He wore the shawl on his left shoulder, based on the many renderings I've seen through these eyes, that are my own. He was in the world, but not of the world composed of money, power, property, and prestige diverted from his primary purpose; blind to the immediate needs of the moment, never presenting poverty-minded austerity, and overly self-involved. His consistent practice was Loving-kindness.

It's truly an exciting moment when we stop pretending to be asleep or indifferent to the realities of everyday life. No need to wake up. Please bring your vision into focus. Simply admit that you're already seeing. I beg you as YOU to use the eyes to spot and help all beings... including ourselves along the Way of This present moment experience. Please know that when we truly shut our eyes through death, they will definitely be shut for a long time. Never have I seen a dead person restored to life. When they transition and transform, the wave of self is gone but the oceanic Presence is not. Doing and being are not the same as "Tweets," or "Thoughts and prayers," which oftentimes is nothing but another way of disassociation from reality.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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