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When the Reason We Were Born Begins to Make Sense

Just as ocean and wave are One Substance... Endless dimension consciousness (Universal Loving Presence) and localized consciousness (Universal Identity of Loving Presence) are also within the perspective of a body, One Substance.

Zazen helps us harmonize the antenna of the so-called self: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that we can experience Reality without the chatter and static caused by thought emanating within our brain. We are actually a Universal Loving Presence that's beyond the brain. Isn't that what the word spirit or, in this context, soul means? Something that is beyond the physical construct that consciousness uses as a tool?

Once you as "authentic You," so-called "Get It," on more than a superficial or intellectual level... but rather a 360° panoramic flowing awareness level... beyond thinking mind... what the Greeks referred to as "Metanoia..." going beyond Mind... we have a real opportunity to live as Buddha... rather than as a petty and fickle bumpkin being clawing for crumbs from the dinner table of Universal existence. That's when there's usually a sustained shift into goodwill, kindness, and creative action that genuinely expands Love with L.O.V.E. (Lots of Voluntary Effort) instead of things that don't.

一We Are Buddha Nature Itself


1) Buddha could be translated as a Universal Identity of Loving Presence.

2) The calligraphy in the post says "Kai Ha," (海波 ) which holds the meaning "both ocean and wave at the same moment."

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