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We Celebrate 36 Years Clean Today!

When my actions changed... by stopping my use of drugs (including alcohol) to fix my thoughts and feelings about me and my circumstances... stopped resisting the love, direction and mentorship of those in Narcotics Anonymous... working, integrating and living the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Precepts and 12 Spiritual Truths gifted to us by our determined predecessors... my karma changed... and as a result my heart and mind changed... which has allowed for everything and every thing else to open up across a limitless expanse of joyfulness.

As a result of following This Way and realizing I have nothing and no thing to fear... every day has been discovery of happiness day. Another day clean is another day won, and so today We together, instead of me by myself celebrate 36 years clean. Let's keep growing together. My Gratitude Speak by Sticking with at his Way of Life.

一With Goodwill and Creative Action

PS... and a special thank you to Victor Long, Robert Bly, Larry North, Ralph Trolian, Jim Miller, Greg Pierce, Ivan Faske, Leslie Lord-Humphrey, and Ruth Friscoe... predecessors that very directly influenced the trajectory of my life. Though they are no longer with us, as a point of honor, I try to do right by their experiences they taught and gifted me... to the best of my ability.

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