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Universal You that Is Loving Presence

What is the nature of Zen practice? Deeply Awakening to our inherent Universal Loving Presence nature; clearly... decisively... directly... and then Flowing as It.

As venerable Lao Tzu once asked regarding living in harmony as the Tao Itself... The Universal Way of Loving Presence Itself... “How can (Universal) You follow the course of Your (Universal) life if you are living in such a way that you defy the (Universal) Reality of the divine current and flow that is within (Universal) You?”

Zazen... Zazen... Zazen... Awaken! And perhaps truly Live as Universal Loving Presence as if It Is... the first time! Please do not squander this inherent power and ability on trivial things. Universal You is, at this very moment, Bodhisattva rather than bumpkin.

一We Are the Practice Itself

Calligraphy note: 觉 | Jué | To feel... To discover... To awaken... To be aware.

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22 de mar. de 2023

I have figured out how to share some of your posts on my Brownbuddha FB page. I am taking the liberty it is ok to share wisdom and love. Amitoufo 🙏🏾

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