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The Zen Nature within Musical Instruments

I have tuned guitars, basses, and violins thousands of times as a musician. Why? Because in the natural way of things... temperature... being handled and played... they go out of tune, without or without being handled. If I want them to play in harmony, I need to tune them.

The same can be said of meditation. From moment to moment, many things are happening in our direct line of experience. When we add to that the mind's mental chatter and commentary, as these things play across our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature, it's not just useful but vital to have consistent meditative practice.

This allows us an opportunity to return to harmony and congruence so that our head, heart, and feet are pointing and moving in the same direction intentionally, rather than our shit hanging out and floundering about reactively, looking like we're our own crisis creator.

Zazen! Zazen! Zazen! Which means to abide in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony... provides an opportunity to play within our present moment experience... in tune, within as Genjo Roshi says... "Within the vast symphony of Now," as Buddha (Universal Loving Presence) rather than a befuddled bumpkin.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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Feb 13, 2023

A senior Chan brother of mine once said in a lecture, Meditation is like a shower for the spirit, after reading your post, I have a new view. Mediation is retuning of our spirit to the key of life.

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