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The Indestructible Substance Within You

The reality is that we're born... live for awhile, and then don’t. In the "awhile," some appreciate the opportunity and do all they can to live their "Highest best purpose." Others... distracted by the movements of thought give the appearance of squandering the opportunity, treating their life and that of others with a minimum of concern. Having the power of choice can be a trip.

But beyond that... there's a "Something" within us... an Indestructible substance... Force... Presence... that's noticeable; within the body that's not precisely the body. It doesn't require a physical mouth to speak, ears to hear, or eyes to see.

What? You don't believe me? Close your eyes and silently speak your own name in your mind... shout it out! See yourself in the minds eye, without using your physical eyes. We could ask ourselves what is it that was able to speak without the mouth... hear without using the ears... saw ourselves without using our physical eyes? Is it possible that that could be our authentic nature, not coming, not going, just being? Could that be our endless dimension Universal Loving Presence, know to some as Buddha nature?

In Buddhism there is a gatha... a sharp pointing phrase which we use wooden hammer to beat out a pattern on a wooden han, that holds the meaning...

Life and death are

of supreme importance.

Time moves swiftly,

like an arrow, opportunities lost.

Be honest with yourself!

Once gone,

not a single day can be restored.

What will you do with This

One precious chance?

Sit... Breathe... Listen... Notice...

Wake up [Sleeping Beauty]!

Why am I bothering to bring this up? I‘ve been studying and reflecting on a commentary by Zen Master Yamada Mumon... a gifted Zen ancestor. One section that I took to heart is...

"The meaning of human life is not found in merely working to live but in awakening to the essence of human nature, in guiding others to self-awakening, and in experiencing the joy of sharing this awakening with them一benefitting oneself by benefitting others, in a peaceful, harmonious and communal existence that is lacking in nothing.

To achieve that kind of existence we do zazen, because zazen is the one straight and direct path to self-awakening. As Zen master Dogen wrote, "Learning the Buddha Way is learning the self. Learning the self is forgetting the self. Forgetting the self is being confirmed by all things. Being confirmed by all things is making your body and the bodies of others drop away." Buddhism is thus a matter of self-awakening to the non-dual realm of self and other and relishing life in the joyous, totally untrammeled activity of what is called a yuge-zammai, a "sportive" or "playful" samadhi."

Reading that, his words landed like lightening and thunder, within me. I literally got goose bumps. I love people as people, not people economic units and profit centers. There's no alternative motives and hidden agendas like to be famous, wealthy, or powerful. For me... For me... For me... Zazen and Recovery practice, Zazen and Recovery practice, Zazen and Recovery practice, sharing it forward, which is a aspect of loving myself and others, to the best of my ability, just for today.

一We All Share the Same Sky

Calligraphy Note:

金剛 | Kongō | Indestructible substance

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