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The Construct of You

The so-called "You" is a concept the mind creates and aims its thoughts at, to gain a reflection of itself. This is despite the fact that it's a side effect of the body.

In Zen, we say there's an aspect of mind that is "the gateless barrier." It can be very helpful... especially when we want to make it across the street, or locate dog shit so that we can pick it up and not inadvertently step in it.

It's when the emissary... fear... becomes the master, assuming a seat that is not its own, that conflict and suffering get added to the menu of experience, having exceeded its usefulness. That said... "not too hot... not too cold..." warm... room temperature... in concentration, mindfulness, effort and energy, livelihood, action, speech, intention, and understanding... could allow for a middle path within experience, rather than arbitrarily abiding in extremes.

一Dignity and Grace

Calligraphy: 玄光 | Genkō... profound or mysterious radiance in our Way of Being.

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