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QandA About Controlling Thoughts

Questioner: Why can't I control or penetrate my thoughts?

Seiho: First, they're not your thoughts. If they were, you could control them. Second, How can you control or penetrate what's not actually here or happening?

Thought is a projection... a suggestion... the mind makes of where you can go, like an iPhone showing a map. You can follow or ignore the directions. You're holding a connection to the map with your attention which, guess what?

Questioner: What?

Seiho: You are in control of your attention, not the thoughts it's connecting to. Accept responsibility for that. That's my personal practice. Thoughts come and go, but my attention...

Questioner: you're an evil genius.

Seiho: Not really. I just got bored with driving myself crazy by directing my attention where it didn't need to be.


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