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Passivity Toward our Self-Care Can Suck

Procrastination on healing is a common human problem. It's like having metaphorical termites - unhealthy attachment styles, unaddressed big and little "t" trauma, dysfunctional coping styles, and self-limiting inner and outer patterns - and deciding to ignore them. Even though we're not facing and dealing with these inner patterns, they keep eating away at our foundation and who we authentically are.

That's why people can seem fine on the outside... looking cool, like they have their sh*t together, getting... doing... having... all the "Things," achieving society's success metrics, yet mysteriously and suddenly, they implode one day. And everyone connected to them is standing around them... shocked... wondering and asking... "How the f*ck did that happen?"

The person couldn't sustain covering up the lack of inner work. Eventually, unaddressed "demons"... inner conflict takes its toll, which is why the mask of denial has to go.

As one friend says, "If I want to be happy, joyous, and free, I need to clean up intentionally... show up... grow up... in my inner life, so that my insides match my outsides." Doing the footwork is doing the footwork to walk into our freedom.

一Dignity and Grace

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