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Mujin Nen - Living Without Being Mindless or Aimless

Living without being mindless, we can more easily embody a presence that emanates from our genuine nature.

Mindlessness often leads to agitation, frustration, and dissatisfaction, as it struggles to maintain appreciation. It has a tendency to steal away our happiness. Keido Fukushima, Roshi, once remarked, "When we achieve a state of embodied mindfulness, we can easily discern right from wrong with clarity. But when driven by mindlessness, our judgments are clouded by self-centeredness. With embodied mindfulness, we can perceive in a way that's oftentimes more wholesome."

As we practice Zen, we come to understand Universal Loving Presence as an action, rather than a meaningless and hollow idea we hold in our head. This understanding naturally flows through and as us. As mindless chatter fades, it becomes easier to recognize our values, what's truly important to us, and how we can spontaneously be with the moment as a friend rather than harming influence. With greater awareness of our values and the things we cherish most, we can more readily live as our truest selves... a presence of the Universal Loving Presence, grounded in the present moment.

The invitation is to pause and, with mindful attention, observe our breath... body... and Original Nature.

In This... stillness... we can look, notice, and discover our values or ways of being that are meaningful for us. With dedication and determination, rooted in kindness... may we actively instead of passively engage our present moment, mindfully... attentively embodying Universal Loving Presence as a matter of goodwill and creative action of the spirit.

一We Are the Practice Itself

Calligraphy Note: 無人念 | Mūjin Nen | Living Without being Mindless or aimless.

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