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Mindful Awareness of Our Feelings

The practice of mindful self-awareness, focusing on emotions rather than thoughts, emphasizes that we not avoid, deny, suppress, or disregard our feelings. Instead, we are invited to turn toward them... to meet them... notice them... observe them... acknowledge them... accept them... and explore our feelings with an open and inquisitive Heart Presence, as if we are sharing time with a dear friend.

Developing emotional wisdom involves cultivating a deeper understanding of our emotions and their underlying causes. By actively engaging with our feelings, we learn to recognize patterns and triggers, as well as our habitual reactions to emotional situations.

This awakening enables us to make more informed choices and respond to our emotions in healthier, wiser ways, instead of disassembling. As we strengthen our emotional depth and wisdom, we can become more resilient and empathetic, fostering stronger connections with ourselves and others. Ultimately, this emotional growth contributes to a greater sense of harmony and well-being in our lives. In This Way, we could be happier in our heart and head.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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