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Letting Go To Live Forward

Walking, running, hiking, or climbing, we may not consider it much or take it for granted. But, in order to move in a direction, we must let go and surrender the ground we're on, so that we can accept and be in a new or different place.

That being said, there are things, at times, near and dear habits and ways of being that I've needed to let go of, so that I could lean and live forward in a healthy way. Some have been small, others big, but they have been necessary.

Today, the invitation to happiness, liberation, and freedom could be: what are the big or small thing that we would need to let go of, if our intention is to live forward in a healthy way? The seismic shift for me was going against the stream of thinking, second guessing and self-doubt always trying to make the perfect decisions, and instead listening and acting on the wider view of intuitive wisdom, which turned out to be an addition by subtraction.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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