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Doing The Right Things For the Right Reasons | One Addict's Experience

Addiction is suffering that's happening on a spectrum. The objective goal is to be here in such a way that people have the opportunity to stop suffering... stop settling for the crumbs... to gain insight into the truth... so that they're no longer whipsawed by the mind, and if the ultimate goal is to be fully whole and wholly free, that means supporting people in experiencing authentic happiness instead of fleeting, fast-food versions of it.

When it comes to Step Twelve, my experience is that we can have all the hope that we want that they not only get clean... but do the work with their mind so that they can finally be happy, joyous, and free... but we can't force people to awaken.

**The Twelve Gifts of Recovery** by Jeff Lehman

1. This will be the year Love will free you from the self-made prisons you have chosen to live in. You will know freedom.

2. You will always sense the presence of Love wherever you are.

3. You will lose the desire to use.

4. You will gain tremendous willingness for your recovery and Love will provide you with the greatest gifts… The real ones.

5. You will lose the sense of fear and always walk in faith.

6. You will gain amazing confidence and know truth… real truth.

7. You will always say yes to helping others as long as it is practical because that is spiritual.

8. You will look at all of humanity and be grateful for who you are. All that you will do will become somewhat effortless because it is the right thing.

9. You will love yourself and others.

10. When you falter, you will always have hope that you can do better, and you have learned from your mistake and amend those that have been harmed.

11. You will be happy anywhere you are, even in places you would rather not, because you are there for a reason, even though it may not be apparent at that moment, for you have done the work today you need to do, to stay clean.

12. Each day you will have multiple moments that seem unbelievable, that you are living this amazing life rooted in love, and as a result of appreciation, you will live with gratitude.

Just for the day, my practice in the process is not to become jaded in it.

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