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Do Not Say Too Late

Freedom is a natural quality of Reality... something that is inherent within existence itself. It is not given or taken away, though there are people and shallow ways of being that attempt to mislead is into believing It can be taken at any moment.

We sit zazen to seemingly crack a virtual door that attempts to block noticing we are eternal 'Isness' that can be creatively expressed and embodied by individuals and collectives. By consistently engaging in the process of inward introspection... noticing..., the principle of self-determination becomes truly meaningful rather than a transactional expression that's shallow, holding little meaning.

When we truly notice Reality as Reality... Freedom as Freedom... That we are Buddhaful, rather than Buddha-empty...

Cherry blossoms bloom,

In communion with humans Being,

Soft petals dancing This!

...can be truly recognized as ourselves, the dream ended. As Shuryu Suzuki once said to his students, in a Zen talk... "Please, do not say too late." Please meet and realize 'Isness' that is our shared Original nature. Zazen Zazen Zazen.

一We Are the Same Sky

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