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Barking Mind

Mind makes barking noises, like a big and vicious dog, with glistening white teeth snapping at us, and we, easily manipulated, falsely believe the thought mirage, giving our attention and loyalty to the idea that a dog despising us exists... as our body contracts and reacts, as though the thought projected by the virtual reality headset of thought symbols is real.

And so it is with pretty much everything and every other thing. 90% of the time, what mind is doing... creating false reference points, trying to get us to bite down with our attention, trying to gain/maintain its experience through the use of us as a kind of meat puppet. The emissary becomes the master, and the master hands over its responsibility and downgrades our authentic and original nature. Watch out!

If we are vulnerable and susceptible to mind's ability and tendency to do that, the person is perpetually f*cked, because any stick the mind can conjure and throw will be chased. There's no peace or glory in that.

What can we do? Zazen, Zazen, Zazen! Pay attention! Watch out! Discern Reality from what is a projection of 'seeming' that is veiling Reality! This activity could be the awakening we speak of in Zen, as a reflection of our experience rather than opinion. Until we truly practice, we are more puppet than "True Person," without rank, post, or position.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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