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Authentic Now vs Artificial Nowness

It could be useful to be aware that mind... ego... exists in time lag/delay... and never in the "Present moment experience." But Awareness... our authentic nature is always in and directly as the present moment expreience.

Put another way... Experience your authentic nature as the bow of a boat cutting through the water... and notice that the wake of the boat is mind or ego attempting to navigate you from behind, telling you where you've been and what it meant to be so-called "There."

If you grasp the point... You realize, you as YOU are the point... and that can open up a whole new range of options in terms of how you could relate to your experience. Zazen is a powerful and ancient analog technology that makes it clear... it's not helpful to believe everything that we think... because the thought may not be matching the actual reality as we authentically are in the True Now. Engage Zazen and experience Yourself as Your SELF.

一We Are the Same Ocean of Being

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