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Affirming Confidence in Universal Loving Presence

The Boundless Way is not difficult:

Just don’t pick and choose.

Stop holding on to all yes and no,

And The Boundless Way is unobstructed.

The slightest distinction or preference

Cuts sky from earth.

To see Reality as REALITY

Don’t be for or against.

Likes and dislikes

Are analytical mind’s dis-ease.

If you miss deep experiencing,

Needing control renders stillness useless.

Embrace Universal Presence in a single glance,

Nothing missing, nothing extra.

If you choose or reject,

You cannot experience REALITY BEING.

Outside, don’t get tangled in things.

Inside, don’t get lost in emptiness.

Through stillness notice ZERONESS,

And confusion stops by itself.

Excerpted Translation | Seiho Morris

Calligraphy Note: 神pronounced Shén (Chinese) or Kamí (Japanese) points to the direct experience of our non-dual Universal Presence nature without distance... space... time... preference... just Being BEING. Zazen!

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