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Action is the Spokesperson of our Beliefs

If you want to understand what I truly believe, pay 20% attention to what I say, and 80% to what I'm actually doing in my life. That will tell you everything you need to know about me. Trust me when I say, that's exactly how I'm reading and coming to understand who you are as a fellow human, whether you you like it or not.

In my experience to do otherwise is 100% stupid on my part, based on my lived experience. Any time I've relied on only on the words of a person and ignored or minimized behavior, it was me acting out in version self-harm that resulted in suffering.

This explains the uncanny proficiency and accuracy of computer algorithms in deciphering us. Machine learning and AI comprehend the inconsistencies between our verbalized intentions and our actual behaviors, such as our clicks, our data consumption, and the time spent on each activity. That's why, in many instances, they understand us more accurately than we understand ourselves. Indeed, actions provide a more reliable gauge of our life's narrative than our spoken words.

The tweet version of this would be… we will know what a person believes based on their actions rather than their words.

一We Are the Practice Practicing Itself

Calligraphy Note:

理性 | Risēi | To use reason and rationality.

In this sense this is the application of the Buddha teaching in the Kalama Sutta, where he invited people to use reason and neutral or dispassionate observation to understand and know the nature of oneself and others, rather than being misled and entangled by words.

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