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Why Capitalism Violates Our Evolutionary and Biological Imperatives for the Survival of Our Species

Throughout thousands of years of evolution and development, it's our communal teamwork across all facets of society that has enabled us to not only survive but thrive. This is referred to as a 'syntropic process', an upward spiral of growth and limitless complexity, made possible because it doesn't fight or work against itself.

This way of life respects our biological instincts and imperatives, prioritizing inclusivity rather than exclusivity. We are strong together then isolated and alone, left to struggle by ourselves.

In the most simple human turns, we thrive together as a species by being social and communal, rowing our boat of civilization in the same direction, as opposed to not. To sustain this cooperative approach, we need depth, good faith, effective communication, and sympathy... empathy + caring, selflessness, honor, trustworthiness, authenticity, mindfulness rather than mindlessness, generosity, and enduring integrity. These attributes nurture our individual and collective maturity.

On the other hand, the willingness to be anti-social and anti-communal... the intention and willingness to passively or actively operate and work against one's own species, such as resource hoarding, hyper-individualism such as in American society, and to amplify personality over principle is to adopt a coercive and forced process of entropy. That could be described as a way of acting and operating that forcing us towards a downward spiral of harm, societal deconstruction, and self-destruction.

Entropy tends to simplify complex systems into straightforward absolutist binary choices. It's either yes or no, black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, zero tolerance policies that don't allow nuance or mitigating circumstances. It fosters intolerance and hostility towards members of its own species, becoming indifferent to the survival of the group.

This approach is immature, encouraging selfishness, seeking relentless self-gratification and the expense of others, and arbitrary actions detached from our inherent wisdom or intuitive nature. Its provable, entropic systems, by their very nature, are self-terminating and, as a result, unnatural and counterproductive.

Entropy narrows the path of cultural decline, sacrificing integrity, ethics, intuition, and collective well-being for status, control, and private interests. Such systems become increasingly polarized, intolerant, and hostile, devoid of wisdom and maturity. Systems that defy human instincts for cooperation and shared progress inevitably crumble under their internal contradictions.

This has resulted in certain groups that have commandeered the boat of humanity rather than share it. They row in the direction of their personal and arbitrary whims that tend to be selfish and self-serving. There's no sincere thought of rowing in harmony with the community. It's a hostile takeover resembling a band of pirates.

Anti-social, anti-communal 'pirates' have managed to control the ship of society. When they don't seem to get their way, their mindset threatens to damage or sink the boat, rather than surrender their personal obsession with power and control. I'm inviting you to recall "banks too big to fail..." which also happens to defy the principles of capitalism, though it appears okay for people to individually fail, and be crushed by arbitrary man-made decisions to maintain unrealistically high profits and growth that unnaturally and artificially sustain their dominance over the whole.

If capitalism is the yardstick we measure ourselves, how can we honestly evolve our hearts and minds without infringing on our biological instinct to cooperate? The answer, sadly, is we can't. How can we be so certain? If it was possible, we would have already done it. This is why progress has been stupefyingly elusive, and the human experience appears to be getting dramatically worse rather than better. Capitalism violates the natural biological imperatives that allow us to evolve and grow.

We All Share the Same Sky,

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