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What Is It That Our Mind Thinks We Deserve?

It's an aspect of human psychology that we tend to succeed, only to the extent we internally believe that we "Deserve," to do so.

We can say affirmations all day. We can pray, meditate all we want. We can buy special crystals, stand on magical spots, visit the most spiritual and holiest places on the planet. We can get all the credentials that we want. People can tell us they like, and love us as much as we think we want and need. But in my personal experience, and having the chance to share spiritual practice with literally thousands of people, I can say... we can't magically hocus-pocus our way into "Deservedness."

Most people carry an internal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual thermometer. When it gets above a certain temperature, the mind... often below our conscious level of awareness begins doing things to bring the temperature down to where it "Thinks," literally where we "Deserve," to be. All those things that we achieve, we will sabotage and find very inventive ways to burn down to the ground, undermining our credibility within ourselves and with others as a side-effect.

It's because the guardians at that gate is our internalized guilt and shame. Not coincidentally this is the problem of many cultures, religions, relationships, businesses. They're shame, and guilt-based at their very foundation. They're operating on the assumption that we're somehow inherently broken, damaged, defective, insufficient people that can't be trusted and must be beaten into submission through conditioning; instead of merely beautiful people that when not in a healthy relationship with the mind can do some incredibly destructive and damaging things. There's a difference.

And here's the hit... in my experience, once we heal our guilt and shame... for real... not transactionally but rather transformationally... the idea of being deserving or undeserving drops out. That's my understanding of what some call liberation... an end to suffering (which is not the same as pain)... Spiritual awakening... or Enlightenment. Just imagine for 5 to 10 minutes what you'd feel... not think... if the marketing campaign of mind with regard to *unhealthy* guilt and shame dropped out. What could our life be then? Depending on what we do with our guilt and shame, that "Then," could unfold Now. If you think I'm full of crap or kidding, practice and find out for yourself... Discover and awaken to clarity!

一Dignity and Grace

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