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Roe v. Wade, Separation of Church and State, and Sandbox Security

In computing, there's a principle called "Sandbox Security." There's a nice summation from Wikipedia that reads: "Sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs, usually in an effort to mitigate system failures and/or software vulnerabilities from spreading. It is often used to execute untested or untrusted programs or code, possibly from unverified or untrusted third parties, suppliers, users or websites, without risking harm to the host machine or operating system."

The "Separation," of church and state works on the same principle. Churches exist inside the operating system of America. Churches can be instantiated... brought into being... by those who would like to set up shop, as a matter of deep and serious devotion... perhaps a whim cause they're bored and would like some people to hang out and share about common religious or spiritual beliefs, cause it influences them to think, feel, and be better; whatever that means for them personally... and anything in between the two ends of a stick that's not measured.

Church and by extension religions are unique in that they don't require degrees, certifications, proof of authenticity, verification of results for what they claim, or oversight of general activities unless they self-selectively decide to set up a system for accountability; within their own religious sandbox, or those involved with it. That also means they can arbitrarily set up their own rules, guidelines, culture, etc. They can also set up norms and values, that directly conflict with or run counter to the operating system of America.

One example could be, "Members of the church and congregation are not allowed to be in an "Interracial relationship." Inside their sandbox that flies. Outside of their sandbox it doesn't because it affects people who are not a part of that church and didn't explicitly agree to play by the rules set up in that sandbox. They operate explicitly on the faith and confidence of those who attend and participate within that given sandbox of religion or "Church." The experience is subjective rather than objective... personal and not always quantifiable or verifiable in a way that's meaningful to another person, that's not in that sandbox.

For all of those reasons, Churches and Religions are placed in the "Sandbox," security system known as "Separation of Church and State," and given autonomy within their individual sandbox to operate with great latitude, but not outside of it, because it could disrupt the Freedom of others who don't agree or want to live and play within those given types of religious sandboxes. The operating system of America doesn't try to input or interfere with the sandbox. It's belief and faith-based, not objective reality-based. There's no real or effective way to operate with the religious sandboxes in a way that can produce a consistent and stable result that's meaningful, which is the point of government in the first place... to do what it can to provide a consistent and stable as possible experience for its citizens. The measure used to try to create consistency is what we refer to as "Law."

The problem is that persons, followers, and sometimes religious sandboxes known as "Churchs," when they feel particularly "Right and Righteous," and perhaps "Motivated," combined with the human ego, break out of the religious security sandbox, trying to impose what's in their local sandbox and force all Americans to live by those ideas, rules, values, and norms.

The method used to "Break out," is what's commonly known as an "Exploit," or a "Hack." This is basically using something within the operating system itself, in a way not intended by the system's creator(s). An example could be a family buying an in-home security camera system, for that exact purpose. A misguided person could repurpose that system to spy or keep tabs on their significant other or spouse, motivated by insecurity. The net result of domestic violence is an extreme example of a worse outcome. I know cause I've had to counsel people on that type of behavior. It's a very sad scenario. Sometimes these "unintended," consequences result in a system override where the malware that broke out now dominates the operating system, oftentimes for its own selfish and/or self-serving purposes.

Coming out of those sandboxes, there's rarely if ever authentic consideration for others. There's only their "Groupthink." In fact, people who don't agree with them are seen as "Sinners." Those who aren't willing to go along with their "divine" interpretations are doomed to "Hell," or some other form of suffering because non-believers are "Wrong." In fact, certain denominations of Christianity see themselves as being given special privileges, authorizations, and power... oftentimes with a gun or military-style assault weapon in hand and waving a "don't tread on me" flag; to arbitrarily inflict suffering on people who don't go along with their beliefs.

This mentality has resulted in the bombing of abortion clinics, and the genocide of the indigenous people the first populated this land... Slavery... It was said to be Black was the "mark of Cain," and the reason why Black people deserved to be enslaved. In short, they are so caught up in grandiosity and self-righteousness, that they don't respect the boundaries and autonomy of others, which allowed them to form organizations in the first place. That's one of the reasons they arbitrarily think they have the right to control women's reproductive rights; using the hacks and exploits of manipulative laws crafted in churches and by extension state legislatures.

As they bring their highly personalized religious programming... which in a certain way can be seen as malware trying to overtake and bring down the operating system of America, they tend not to play fair or operate ethically. This is extremely easy to see. Many of these people banded together. They connected their sandboxes under the banner of "Christian values," and allegedly being a "Christian nation," (which we're not) as they breakdown and out of their religious sandboxes, which they refuse to respect or abide by, in the persistent rebellious nature, they opportunistically discards honor, integrity, reason, and respect. They revel in brutality on every level which makes me wonder about the word "Civilization." At this point, it's an oxymoron.

Manipulatively they began to do so, by gaining office in local elections, school boards, state and national legislatures, key positions in local and state governments, and the judiciary; in an effort to gain religious dominance over the operating system known as America. They quite literally began to self-referentially reinterpret the United States Constitution to fit their personal belief, rewriting and reengineering it and overturning laws that interfered with their religious values that were only operational outside their religious sandboxes.

How ethical can you be if you have to use artificial means, gerrymanders, and unnatural methodology to get your way like creating the "filibuster," which was not a part of the original system or constitution, to bend the system to an unintended purpose? It was an early version of what's known today in tech world as a "Deep fake." It's presenting something one way, when in fact it's been put forward for fraudulent purposes and to mislead those not in on the deep fake.

Summary: The reader's digest version of what I am saying is that the reason we're in so much trouble is that there are sects and versions of Christian churches, and persons associated, that are unwilling to stay within their "Separation of Church and State," sandbox. They lack the ability as a result of some weird version of codependency that compels them to try and fix, manage, and control others; or are blatantly unwilling to stay in their lane. They're obsessed with their fanatical beliefs, trying to drive through and in everybody else's lane... or trying to make it their lane, cause they think and believe that by divine right every inch of ground is arbitrarily theirs cause they say so.

What's the solution? They need to be returned to their "Separation of church and state" sandboxes. How do we get them there? Progressively vote them out of office, and separate religion from the process as those who wrote and designed the Constitution originally intended.

In saying this, we have to be honest with each other. The malware these particular Christians have used has so badly and deeply corrupted the systems, we might have to find a bridge method to begin to rectify the problem. One such means could be to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court to prevent further harm. This is been done several times in American history to allow for a course correction when such things occur. That combined with electing as many persons that aren't republicans' or those committed to the genuine principle of Separation of Church and State.

Part two could be, writing a new constitution that has a much more updated understanding of reality. We've learned a lot of shit since it was written. When it was developed it was created with only one particular demographic in mind, to the exclusion of all else. This is one of the reasons why we keep having problems over and over again and failed to progress as a society.

//Rev. Mudo Seiho Morris

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