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Mirror of Awareness

Rather than being a "Someone," or "Somebody," or encased in a "Personality," standing in front of a mirror that's gazing at ourselves, perhaps lost in reflection, Zen practice invites us to be in the perspective of the mirror, without imagining. Awareness allows for that, and its attention can be directed to do so.

All sorts of things will flow on the surface, leaving no trace. Intimately we encounter all things, yet aren't entangled or knotted. When we get clear about This, we relate to the wave-like nature of self... Oceanic nature of Self... and Reality very differently. Not only do we end being "Stuck," in a weird narrative of thought, we notice, that we were never actually stuck. We were just in a sort of lucid dream or virtual world distracted from Reality by thought.

一We Are the Practice Itself


Being a wave is okay. Here we are as a result of causes and conditions, sometimes better known as karma. At the same moment, it’s super useful to notice deeply, that we are also the ocean that energetically moved in such a Way, manifesting the temporary wave on the surface of Endless dimension Universal Buddha-nature... Endless dimension Universal Identity of Loving Presence.

We are not two different things, at the same time. We’re one thing, having the ability to appear two different ways. As Buddha stated in the Lankavatara sutra… things are not as they appear, nor are they otherwise. What is observed depends on who or what is looking at that moment. Please train well.

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