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Meeting the Minds Natural Negativity

The daily mental feature known as the ID, which represents the survival aspect of our minds that I've dubbed "Turd," is something I have no control over and can provoke immense chaos, both internally and externally. Are you familiar with the part of ourselves I'm describing? It's the element that consistently fosters self-doubt, self-disgust, self-hatred, feelings of worthlessness, a sense of being damaged, and a broken and flawed mental state, all while introducing and welcoming negativity that manifests as anxiety, fear, worry, regret, and resentment. Strangely, it's our own mind seeking comfort from the turmoil it has created; for its own self entertainment.

One might question the logic behind our mind doing this to itself. Does it make sense to you? Is there any potential benefit from focusing our attention on these thoughts? Are they genuinely helpful for self-care? Clearly not! These thoughts are merely our mind's projections and illusions, providing commentary on our human experience.

When meditation... resting deeply in the mindset of "No, it's not," these thought waves cease to bother me. I feel peaceful, calm, and content, as I recognize that none of these thoughts are present in my current experience of reality.

In terms of an effective meditation practice for personal growth in recovery, I've learned a simple one that was incredibly beneficial.

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach, observing thought waves as they rise and fall on the surface of your mind's ocean. We cannot force them to move; we cannot create them. It's not our responsibility to try to dispel them. We are merely the observer on the shore, watching the "Turd" mind's predicaments. In doing so, we may come to understand and recognize the freedom we have always possessed. It is often just our imagination that convinces us otherwise.

一We Are Each Droplets in One Ocean

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