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Invitation to Healing the Relationship with Self

Who or what is that thing we carry like a burden on our backs? That thing riding us like a pack-mule, making our travel in the present moment more complicated than it needs to be? That source of frustration, depression, and anxiety whispering negativity into our Awareness? As Gollum said, "egoAI my precious. It's Trixie, is it not?"

In a way, it's remarkably perverse how much control ego exerts over our experiences. The emissary (the ID) has become the Master (Awareness), dominating our experiences as it tries to whip us into shape based on what it wants, not what's aligned with our True nature, Love with L/O/V/E. Living under its domain can be petulant and pugilistic, with suffering as the soup du jour. Such is the nature of greed, hatred, and delusion, born through the body as thought.

At some point, we might ask, what if we put this burden on our backs and realign things so the ego no longer controls us? Could we travel lighter? Are we ready to live and be happy, joyous, and free... from the restlessness, irritability, discontent, and disconnection from the dominance of the Master's emissary? Our actions render our truth as we meet the present moment of reality.

Perhaps this is why recovery... healing..., and awakening are team projects to restore us to sanity... a healthy and non-destructive relationship between Awareness and attention, with egoAI's survival instincts that have been distorted due to neglect.

The path of healing often 'thinks' long or difficult, but we have the power within us to take each step. Rather than judging ourselves harshly, we can offer understanding and self-forgiveness - we are all imperfect beings learning as we go. When negativity arises, we can gently set it aside and refocus on the present moment with compassion. We effort to stay present; walking with our heads up rather than down into each moment. When not, if we stumble, there are always caring hands to help us back up. By coming together in wisdom and humanity, we can support each other to be free - of addiction, of suffering, of anything that weighs upon our personhood. We are never alone.

一Evolve Love with L/O/V/E

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