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Human Kintsugi Zen

In my experience healing from addiction is a present-moment "Recovery operation." Healing from addiction is an exercise in bravery and self-forgiveness, picking up the pieces of oneself, and healing the fragments of who we authentically are back together after devastation brought on by self-obsession, self-centeredness, and compulsive unhealthy action. Often, in the midst of the debris and rubble of our latest shit-show, usually in self-doubt, and self-disgust, we wonder what remains to be salvaged.

Recovery from Addiction is an intentional journey inward aiming at personal responsibility and deepening respond-ability for ourselves and life, demanding honest self-reflection and the embrace of our whole selves, light and shadow, requiring deliberate effort, persistence, and self-compassion.

Grace and my practice of Human Kintsugi Zen have been pivotal. Grace isn't about ignoring issues; it's about accepting freely given kindness that supports healing. Human Kintsugi Zen, a process of re-pairing the frayed, fragmented and broken choices with C.A.R.E.... compassion, action, responsibility and empathy, helped me see the beauty in merging all parts of myself with kindness. Through time and self inventory, I've learned that harm always results from disconnects with my values, not from being inherently flawed or damaged as a person.

These experiences taught me that it's unhealthy not to mask or try to hide our faults but to work with them, heal and integrate them, finding value in every crack, transforming pain into wisdom. Embracing our full history, we meet and honestly acknowledge and address our mistakes and mis-takes, emerging with deeper authenticity, integrity, and wholeness. Grace and Kintsugi Zen reshape our understanding: Our worth is not diminished by our scars; rather, they guide us to live with greater authenticity and integrity... and that could be the gold and grace that holds It all together.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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