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Chūdō: A Middle Way of Being

As a child, my gaze and attention were always pointed toward the ground, absorbed in the immediacy of my surroundings. The world at my feet captivated me.

When I became a teenager, my eyes and attention shifted upwards, often pointed at the vast expanse of the sky. I was drawn to the distant horizons, stars in the sky, and possibilities that seemed to stretch out endlessly before me.

At the age of 20, and in the rhythm of recovery from active addiction, a change occurred. My chin became level, and my focus moved forward. I found a sense of harmony, an equanimity between the grounded realities of the earth beneath my feet and the boundless aspirations represented by the sky above. The sunrise and sunset merged sky and earth.

In this moment of harmony, You entered my range of vision. Your presence brought a new dimension to my existence, transforming my perception and experience of the world in and around me. With Your arrival, things became very different for me, as if I saw and felt for the first time, revealing depths and meanings I had never encountered. Your personhood merged with my reality, casting everything in a new light and setting me on a path of discovery and growth that was engaged in BEing rather than just thinking.

一Dignity and Grace

Calliigraphy: Chūdō (中道)... A Middle Way, not caught and captured by extremes of mind.

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