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意識 | Ishiki | Becoming Aware

I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on Mount Rainer. Though one mountain, depending on where we are standing, there are many perspectives available. All we have to do is stop, fully collect mindfulness and Kapow! Appreciation! It's been right here the whole time.

We miss a lot because of how our brains work. It can dull a lot of experience out, and we tend to pass-through and by things with a minimum of concern. Active awareness could be an invaluable "Thing!"

There are five basic perspectives that Awareness can listen to Reality, and experience It: The physical... The mental... the emotional... the spiritual... and the awareness Itself. Whether we're sitting, standing, walking, or lying-down... slowing our tempo... our cadence... bringing clarity and focus to these five perspectives... sometimes described as gates... using 360° mindfulness, 360° attention, 360° noticing, we have an opportunity to discover, and clarify our relationship with these perspectives with and from our depth, rather than surface which tends to be our default since we're almost always on a "Mission," looking too get something done, rather than Just Being.

In This Way, the quality and meaning of our experiences can change dramatically. Depending where we are standing in our perspective, influences our perspective. Please confirm through your own experience, and see for your authentic Self.

一We Are the Practice Itself

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